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Tweak to user signup code

edited September 2013 in Apps

I couldn't figure out why my test users' extended data wasn't being saved. It turns out there's no mailserver configured on this laptop so it was being erased by line 40 of my signup handler, which I based on apps/user/handlers/signup.php I guess this may not be relevant for the default handler but maybe it's worth adding something like this anyways? It sure confused me for a while.

I would submit a pull request but it's getting lumped in with my previous one.

Here's the proposed change for line 40:

-       $u->userdata = array ();

+       $userdata = json_decode ($u->data['userdata'], true);
+       unset ($userdata['verifier']);
+       $u->data['userdata'] = json_encode ($userdata);


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