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Question about foreach loops in templates

edited September 2013 in Framework

If the array {{ array_name }} is empty, {% foreach array_name %}{{ loop_value }}{% endforeach %} throws an error.

Would it be possible for it to silently skip to the next section in the template instead?


  • It should only throw an error if it's not an array value, an empty array should still work fine. You could also wrap it in an if statement like this:

    {% if is_array ($data->array_name) %}
        {% foreach array_name %}
            {{ loop_value }}
        {% end %}
    {% else %}
        {{ array_name }}
    {% end %}
  • edited September 2013

    You're right, it's when it's not set for arrays. But this is giving me an error:

    ./elefant crud-app test id name

    Navigate to http://site/tests/admin:

    Debugger::handle_error (2, "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()", "/site/cache/tests-admin.php", 9, array(6))
    9 /site/cache/tests-admin.php
    7.         <th width="16%">&nbsp;</th>
    8.     </tr>
    9. <?php foreach ($data->items as $data->loop_index => $data->loop_value) { ?>
    10.     <tr>
    11.         <td><?php echo Template::sanitize ($data->loop_value->name, 'UTF-8'); ?></td>

    Relevant part of the handler (unmodified, generated by crud-app):

    // Fetch the items and total items
    $items = tests\Test::query ()->fetch ($limit, $offset);
    $total = tests\Test::query ()->count ();

    Relevant part of the view (unmodified):

    {% foreach items %}
        <td>{{ loop_value->name }}</td>
        <td style="text-align: right">
            <a  href="/tests/edit?id={{ loop_value->id }}">{"Edit"}</a> |
            <a  href="/tests/delete"
                data-id="{{ loop_value->id }}"
                onclick="return $.confirm_and_post (this, '{"Are you sure you want to delete this test?"}')">{"Delete"}</a>
    {% end %}
  • Ah yes, the database table doesn't exist so fetch() returns false instead of an array. The example CRUD isn't checking for that condition, but it should so I just added a fix for that:

    Btw, you can import an SQL schema via:

    ./elefant import-db apps/tests/conf/install_sqlite.sql

    Cheers :)

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