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ErrorException: session_name(): cannot be a numeric or empty ''

edited August 2013 in Framework

This a little bit older (from May) elefant site that I'm attempting to update to the current github version. The site works fine pre-update, but throws this error afterwards:

ErrorException: session_name(): cannot be a numeric or empty ''

session_name ("")

150 /path/to/apps/user/models/User.php

148.         }
149.         @session_set_cookie_params ($duration, $path, $domain, $secure, $httponly);
150.         @session_name ($name);
151.         @session_start ();

It's running locally; I load it in the browser as just http://ortc/

(LOL at the vanilla flags to users session_set_cookie_params, session_name, and session_start.)


  • Do you have a session_name setting in your main conf/config.php? If you're not using Elefant's update command, you may have to manually merge changes to files like conf/config.php to ensure you get new settings that may be added.

    The update command is available as of 1.3.3 which can be used from the command line like this:

    $ cd /path/to/your/site
    $ ./elefant backup ~/backups/ # always back up first!
    $ ./elefant update

    The backup will create a timestamped zip that includes a database dump as well. The update command will pull a patch file and do a dry run first to make sure it can be applied safely without merge conflicts, then apply the patch to update the site to the latest release, while merging any changes with your own modifications, although those should mostly be confined to settings and added files instead of modified ones.

  • I have been using elefant update and I love it. However, it reports that "1.3.5 is already up-to-date" and I don't think it's getting the latest github commits, in particular the fix for preg_replace /e

    I added session_name to conf/config.php and the site is working now, thanks.

  • Ah yes, the 1.3.6 update was posted but I didn't finish updating the site (announcement, uploading the patch file, etc) due to limited time this summer. Things should be getting back to normal soon at least :)

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