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Simple shopping cart

edited August 2013 in Miscellaneous

I am going to create a simple catalog of non-homogeneous items (products, services). I think to use the CRUD generator for the administrative pages and handlers (list, detail, ...) to be inserted in the pages as dynamic objects for public viewing/ordering. Similarly to the blog. Registered users can add items to their order and then confirm their order. So, should be very similar to a shopping cart without shipping management. Is this correct approach? Thanks for any advice.


  • Sounds like a good way to start. The CRUD will get you the product management pretty quickly (take a look at the $.multi_image() helper on this page if you need to attach images to your products).

    From there it's just a matter of building the public browsing portion and shopping cart/ordering.

  • edited August 2013

    Maybe you've just saved me a table and extra work ;) ...

    ...if I'll be able to use $. multi_image()


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