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Passing Data to Form

edited May 2012 in Framework
Form Object ( [failed] => Array ( ) [method] => post [rules] => Array ( ) [_rules:Form:private] => transpoManager/add_signature [view] => transpoManager/add_signature [data] => [controller] => Controller Object ( [params] => Array ( ) [internal] => [data] => Array ( [item_id] => 1 ) [cli] => [put_data] => [app] => transpoManager [uri] => transpoManager/add_signature [chunked] => [cache] => ) [verify_referrer] => 1 [verify_csrf] => 1 [csrf_token] => [csrf_field_name] => _token_ [error] => [js_validation] => 1 )

I am passing this into my form, obviously the Controller Object "Data" is populated, how do I access this within the view? Or am I passing data into the wrong place?

Okay I lied...

stdClass Object ( [_form] => transpoManager-add_signature-form [_failed] => Array ( ) [_rules] => transpoManager/add_signature [is_being_rendered] => 1 )

That is what my $data contains in the view... so how do I pass custom values with the standard form handler?


  • Figured it out. (Should have just read the core Form library class to begin with.

    Solution: In controller

    $form->data = array('item_id' => 1);

    In view

    {{ item_id }}
  • If you're using Form's handle() method, then you can set default values for the form in the $form->data property, which accepts an object or array. These will be merged with submitted values via the merge_values() method (if the form is being re-rendered), and available in the view template via {{ foo }} where that resolves to $form->data->foo.

    For example:

    $form = new Form ('post', $this);
    $form->data = array (
        'field1' => 'default',
        'field2' => 'default'
    echo $form->handle (function ($form) {
        info ($_POST);

    And the view:

    <form method="post" id="{{ _form }}">
    <p>Field 1:<br />
    <input type="text" name="field1" value="{{ field1|quotes }}" /></p>
    <p>Field 2:<br />
    <input type="text" name="field2" value="{{ field2|quotes }}" /></p>
    <p><input type="submit" value="{" Submit "}" /></p>

    Let me know if that's what you're looking for.

  • Haha! Yup! :) I must have beat you to it by milliseconds because your post showed up after my submit, but it is ordered before yours.

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