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Multiple views in layout

edited May 2012 in Framework

I was playing with the bootstrap theme you have whenever I tried to add a new layout view in the directory of that actual layout, I could not apply it to any of my pages it would say it was not found. As soon as I put that very same view on the home layouts/ directory it worked flawlessly. Is this intentionally or a bug?


  • Ah yes, it's listing layouts from folders without the folder included, so layouts/foo/foo.html will work (shown as just foo), but layouts/foo/bar.html will be listed as just bar instead of foo/bar and so it won't be found.

    I just patched it to list them properly, so if you grab the latest commit from Github it should work now.

  • Okey doke. Thanks! Didn't know if there was some security that I was running into or not.

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