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Admin Dashboard

edited May 2012 in Future

It would be nice if in the future elefant cms would have a Dashboard where you would acces all the options of the CMS


  • What would you envision a Dashboard screen to include?

  • I was thinking maybe something similar to Joomlas dashboard. A page where you would have icons for the main options of the CMS. Like an icon for adding a new page, a new blog post, templates icons, settings icon and so on. That way the admin section would have been more accessible. If there would be a such thing in a consideration i would love to make a mockup for it.

  • edited May 2012

    So essentially a graphical representation of the menu on the admin header? If that's so, you could really build your own quite easily by just creating a new admin handle/view "dashboard" and add your icons to that. You could even redirect to that dashboard view after an admin login if you wanted.

  • Yes thats what i was thinking about. But sadly my programming skills are limited :(

  • Gotcha. Give me 10 minutes.

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    Okay try this: Grab this icon set:

    Unzip and add all the png's to apps/admin/img/ (You'll have to create it)

    create dashboard.php under apps/admin/handlers

    $this->require_admin ();
    $page->layout = 'admin';
    echo $tpl->render ('admin/dashboard');

    create dashboard.html under apps/admin/view

    #admindash a{
        border:1px solid #CCC;
    <div id="admindash">
    <a href="/user/admin"><span class="adminlabel">Users</span><img src="/apps/admin/img/User.png" /></a>
    <a href="/admin/add"><span class="adminlabel">Add a Page</span><img src="/apps/admin/img/File New.png" /></a>
    <a href="/blog/add"><span class="adminlabel">New Blog Post</span><img src="/apps/admin/img/Entry Feed.png" /></a>

    That will give you a really simple "dashboard" type look. Whenever you want to add a new action just check what the link is using the menu system, add it to the href, change the label and find an appropriate icon.

    If you want something even more simple that you can easily add things to, let me know and I can write a full blown Dashboard app for you.

  • That's awesome!

    I can envision a mini dashboard that could slide down from under the toolbar too, accessible without leaving the current page. It could offer one-click options for adding pages and posts, and maybe pinning often-used apps or even individual screens to it too. Could even pin handlers that act as little widgets to display bits of data, like sparklines from the Analytics app for example. Possibilities... :)

  • Woah shortj thats pretty awesome :) Thanks i will try it right away. Yes this CMS is really progressing very well. And the possibilities are unlimited :)

  • @jbroadway I sorta was thinking the same thing. Basically icon hot links to most often used items in apps and easily added an subtracted from the toolbar. Although that is quickly moving into gearing towards end user friendly rather than a "developer" geared framework if that makes sense. That being said... Mini floating toolbar would be awesome.

  • Developer-friendly is more a framework-level goal; I think UI should also be user friendly :)

  • Speaking of which, bravo on that newest crud-app command line addition!

  • Thanks! I realized after writing a CRUD tutorial that it's really just a matter of search & replace and tweaking from there. Still have to write some instructions on customizing it next...

  • edited May 2012

    Very much. One of the most attractive things about the Yii framework was the Gii tool. You essentially reworked that with a command line.

  • Not quite up to Gii functionality, but hopefully a good start :) I figure CRUD is something that needs customizing beyond the basics anyway, but starting off with not having to punch in all that boilerplate sure helps.

    I am thinking of adding to it, but haven't even gotten it into the documentation yet... Would be nice to be able to do things like this:

    ./conf/elefant crud-app contacts id name:text email:email phone:text age:int etc.

    Or even just adding new models via

    ./conf/elefant create-model myapp/Contact contacts

    and have that generate

    namespace myapp;
    class Contact extends Model {
        public $table = 'contacts';

    would save some typing.

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