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Billing/Invoicing software for freelancers?

edited July 2013 in Miscellaneous

Kind of a random thing to post here, but I'm looking into billing/invoicing software for freelancers and wondering if anyone had a favorite... There are a LOT of choices out there.


  • The best for me would be, create one in Elefant ;)

  • I personally use Harvest. (I pay for it @$12/month)

    The mobile app and syncing between desktop/mobile is really well executed. Invoicing allows for online payments that look pretty good.

  • I don't use one myself, but here in germany seems to be top of the pops.

  • I use They support recurring invoice for only $5 or so extra per month. They offer a free starter account with a pretty decent amount of invoices you can generate. Also support reminders and PDF download. The higher up version is $5 per month. I really like it so far.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions!

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