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Dual Saasy and non-Saasy defaults

edited July 2013 in Apps

I'm struggling a bit with how to do the following in a Saasy context:

The main site is at The 'index' page at for guests is a general site landing page using Twitter Bootstrap (it's all Bootstrap), with some additional pages on the main site for public-facing data.

A saasy-managed customer can signup from either or, and login from either or If a member has related customer account(s), and they login at they can select to enter a customer account from

All customer-generated content and customer members are managed on dynamic, data-driven pages at, which have a saasy-specific layout.

So, two default layouts -- one for\* pages and one for *\* pages -- and a special layout for the 'default' landing page at Plus two slightly different signup/login interfaces.

I think this is doable within the context of the current saasy app and the current configuration options, but damned if I can figure out the right mix of default handlers, default layouts, custom handlers and layouts.

Any help is appreciated with this one.


  • I would probably just add something to bootstrap.php that looks at HTTP_HOST and REQUEST_URI and sets the appropriate layout.

    If you default to saasy, you could do something like this:

    if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] === '') {
        $page->layout = 'mainsite';

    Then if you edit the index page, you should be able to select the layout to use for that under Extra Options.

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