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Terms of use Informations....

edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous

Hello there. My name is Johny and I just joined your comunity. I am new here so, I have a little question. I would really appreciate if someone would tell me IF I am allowed to integrate this CMS into my Website, then sell it to someone....Practicly I would sell My website...but It would contains Your CMS. I am really sorry if I posted in a wrong section or if I offended someone. If I am not alowed, please tell me what should I do to earn that right. Thank you very much.


  • The terms of the MIT license say you're allowed to do whatever you like with the software, including to resell it or include it in a commercial website if you wish. I've even put up a page on how to white label the CMS and add your own logo and theme to the admin UI :)

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