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How to use Theme builder through the git way?

edited May 2012 in Install Help

I find that Theme builder has a way to install theme through git, so I tried to paste the string into the inputbox:, whick is copied from the bootstrap theme page.

But when I pressed install button, the page turned blank, and the theme didn't installed at all. I don't know why?


  • Try this link instead and let me know if it works:

    And can you check the web server error log and see if it has any messages?

  • edited May 2012

    It also can't work...

    Error log also has nothing about it.

  • If you download and install the zip from the last link, does the zip file install that way?

  • edited May 2012

    Yes, the theme can be installed by uploading the zip file.

    Another three suggestions:

    1. Give the login page an option to save login information :)

    2. I can see the edit buttion named "Add Block" in page, and it links to "blocks/add". I think it should go to list blocks and select one to insert to page, right?

    3. The translation app should add a feature to list all items that have not be translated :)

  • Can you check if you have the CURL PHP extension? It might be that CURL is missing so the files can't be retrieved that way.

    I've added #1 and #3 to the list on GitHub.

    For #2, the reason it uses an Add Block link is because the blocks are embedded with a specific name in the template, for example {! blocks/members !}. This means it is looking for a single block to place there. I'll have to think about how that might be able to work differently too.

  • Ah, it works! Thanks!

  • So CURL was missing? I should add a check for that so more users don't run into the same problem.

  • I've added a bug report for it so I remember to fix that soon:

    Thanks :)

  • Committed a fix for this today :) It posts a notice about CURL, and hides the input if CURL is missing now.

  • Ah, nice :)

  • Ah, nice :)

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