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Some Things I've Been Thinking About...

edited June 2013 in Miscellaneous

1) Ability to have the Page Title and Menu Text be different.

2) Is it possible to use {% if/elseif/else/end %} on pages themselves?

3) I've been thinking about making a real-time collaborative code editor app for elefant (I have some experience with other versions of them). It'd make use of the ACL, user, and version functions of the CMS, but it would take quite some time to build it... I would like some feedback on this idea before I dive into it.

4) The guy who wrote the 960-grid framework that elefant is based off of, also wrote a CSS framework (considered the successor apparently) that I enjoy using called unsemantic. I recommend that you guys go have a look.

5) I don't think I'm ever going to get used to Git's system...


  • For #1, expand the Extra Options at the bottom of the page add/edit forms. You can set separate titles for the page, menu, and window (<title></title>).

    For #2, you'll have to put that logic into a handler and embed it through the Dynamic Objects list. It's a little extra setup, but it ensures end users can't break things with invalid syntax. Here's all you really need to do:

    Usually I create one app named after the project itself and put anything small and site-specific in there.

    For #3, you'll need a library like Ratchet for the real-time messaging. Here's an example of how to integrate Ratchet with Elefant:

    I recently stumbled onto Unsemantic, and it looks like a nice successor to We'll probably migrate to it or something similar after Elefant 2 I figure.

    And Git does get a bit more familiar over time, although I have to look up commands whenever I stray from my usual workflow... Still, the benefits of a DVCS are worth the trouble IMO :)

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