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Elefant turns 1, first Elefant 2 beta released!

edited April 2012 in Announcements

For the first anniversary of the Elefant project, we're proud to release the first beta in the series that will become Elefant 2.0. Visit the download page to try it out!

This release (version 1.3.0-beta), includes many improvements including:

  • Support for Japanese, Dutch, French, and Chinese (and an app to help translators edit and manage translation files)
  • Install apps or themes via zip file or GitHub repository
  • Multi-file uploads in the file manager
  • Disqus support for blog comments
  • Rate-limited logins for added security
  • Dates/times appear in current user's timezone
  • Better redirect control for SEO
  • Better integration of the file manager and the WYSIWYG editor
  • More customizable access control
  • More photo gallery display options

Framework improvements include:

  • New Mailer class wraps Zend_Mail to improve email sending
  • Support for more complex queries in models
  • Support for relationships between models
  • Fast batch insertions/updates in models
  • Standard API for localizing dates
  • Caching now supports Memcache, Redis, APC and files

Features that are still to come:

  • Sync uploaded files to S3
  • Site upgrade utility
  • Quick inline edit mode
  • Support for more languages

To track our progress, visit the future page. For ways to help out, visit our community page.

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