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blog headlines

edited April 2012 in Apps

I would like to use the blog app for news on my site. I have put the headlines dynamic object on the frontpage. This works fine but I would like to show the postingdate before or above the title. I have tried some things in the app scripts but withoud success.


  • That's a good suggestion! I added a "Show dates" option to the latest posts embed, which uses a new i18n-friendly date output coming in Elefant 2. This is now on Github in the master branch.

    To achieve similar results in Elefant 1.2, here's an example that should work:

    If you save these to apps/myapp/conf/embed.php, apps/myapp/handlers/headlines.php and apps/myapp/views/headlines.html this should appear as a new option in the Dynamic Objects embed named "My App: Latest Posts" and the output should look like this:

    Let me know if you run into any issues.

  • If I update the scripts like you said and indeed a date is showing before every headline, but it is always "Jan 1". I tried to change the gmdate in headlines.html in several ways but without succes. When I remove the gmdate function completely the right date/time from the database shows up in the headlines. So it seems the gmdate function should be changed in one way or the other. How I did not find out. Changing only the dateformat gives the corresponding format in the headlines but still with "Jan 1". Maybe there is something wrong with the "%S"?

  • Ah yes, the date line should have been {{ loop_value->ts|date ('M j', strtotime (%s)) }} since the timestamp is a string and needs to be converted with strtotime(). I updated the gist as well.

  • Great! Thanks, Now it works fine.

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