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image link

edited April 2012 in Design

In the editor it is possible to select a text and make a link of it to another page or site. Is it also possible to create an imagelink? Afcourse I can edit the html directly, but I would prefer that it was possible in a similar way as with text.


  • If you select some text and click the Link icon, then in the dialog window click the little image icon to the right of to the "Or paste link:" text box, that will bring up the file browser. You can select any file and link to it that way.

  • Sorry, maybe I explained it not right. I don't want to link to an image. I want a link in an image, so I can click on the image to go to another page.

  • I just tried and I'm able to insert the image, select it, and make it a link, at least in Google Chrome (all I can try atm). Here's the HTML it produced:

    <p><a href="/about"><img src="/files/design/elefant_logo_masthead.png" alt=""></a><br></p>

    If it doesn't work for you, it could be a browser difference as well. What browser are you using?

  • I tried again and it works now. Can't say what went wrong the first time :(. Thanks again.

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