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Elefant install

edited April 2012 in Miscellaneous

I've installed Elefant in a virtual host of my Apache. The process went wtih no errors, and the initial page was ok. But when I call the admin page i get a notfound object. What I missed (or messed)?


  • It sounds to me like an issue with Apache's mod_rewrite not being enabled. First, make sure there's a .htacess file in the root folder of the site, and if that's good then check that mod_rewrite is installed and enabled. Also make sure to restart Apache for changes to take effect. Hope that helps!

  • Everything seems correct, mod_rewrite, .htaccess, but still cannout open admin page.

  • Hmm, what is the specific error message it's showing when you visit /admin? And what version of PHP are you using?

  • Error 404 - Log reports file admin not found. (this log occurs also on install, but no errors on screen) httpd 2.2.17, php 5.3.10

  • It sounds like your Apache AllowOverride setting needs to be changed. Try setting it to All and restarting Apache and see if that works. It should look something like this (since it has to be inside a <Directory> block:

    <Directory "/path/to/the/site">
        AllowOverride All

    Let me know if that helps.

  • Hurrah! It works! Thank you.

  • Glad to hear! :)

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