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Unable to login in a fresh installation

edited May 2013 in Framework

I am unable to login in a fresh installation. I'm pretty sure that the (admin) password is correct. I do not know if there may be a correlation but the installation was made with compress_output set to "On" and then changed to "Off".

How do I reset the password? (I'm using MySQL in this case)

Many thanks.


  • You can generate a new encrypted password like this:

    $ ./elefant encrypt-password your-password

    Copy the output then log into MySQL and execute the following line:

    update elefant_user set password = "ENCRYPTED_PASS" where id = 1;

    Replace ENCRYPTED_PASS with the copied output.

    I don't think the gzip changes should have anything to do with it, but let me know if that gets it sorted out at least.

  • edited May 2013

    Sorry but that doesn't solve. I'd like to understand where I was wrong but I can also reinstall from scratch. Thanks anyway.

  • Did you run into any issues with the steps, or did they seem to work but you still can't log in?

  • The only problem was the compression (now solved with your script). the default "Welcome to Elefant" works as usual but I was never able to login, even changing the password in the DB.

  • What is the domain of the site you're installing to? It sounds like the cookie may not be setting, which can happen when you install at http://localhost/ since cookies require a period in the domain for the browser to consider it valid.

    Here's some info in case that's what it is:

  • The site is on a third-level domain and the cookies are set but I noticed that in the /conf/config.php, sqlite parameter are un-commentend while I am using mysql and table prefix was wrong (although correct, does not solve). In addition, the session_id field is not valued in the user table. I fear that something went wrong during installation, so tomorrow will proceed with the re-installation. Thanks for help.

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