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Permission denied updating

edited May 2013 in Framework

Trying to execute ./elefant backup ~/backups/ as a root I get -bash: ./elefant: Permission denied

Executing php ./elefant shows commands list

Executing php ./elefant backup ~/backups/ I get sh: ./elefant: Permission denied

Any help apprecited.


  • What are your permissions on the elefant file and on index.php as well? Both need to be executable by the appropriate user (e.g., root in this case).

  • The owner is the customer, it can execute both elephant and index.php, but can not execute php.

    The customer has a jailed shell (with jailkit).

    Putting root as the owner it works.

    Maybe allow execution of php to the customer (via ssh) is dangerous and therefore it is better to allow the execution of desired commands through a web page?

    Thanks for help.

  • It's definitely less dangerous to run PHP as the customer's account than as root. Unfortunately, because many of the CLI commands need access to other shell utilities or permissions above what Apache has, they can't just be run from Elefant in the browser.

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