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separate header and footer template

edited March 2012 in Design

I have about 20 pages in my website with all the same headers and footers but different body layout. In this case, as far I can see, I have to create 20 layout templates with all identical header and footer parts. When I want to change something in the header in the future, I have then to change all 20 templates.

Is there a way to have separate header and footer templates and include them then, with by example a special tag or with php, in the page layout? That would make it a lot easier to maintain a general header and footer in the future. We could extend the php scripts ourselves to arrange that, but maybe it is already possible in a way.

Thanks, Reems


  • Before, I just used PHP in the template (since templates are compiled to PHP, PHP is valid inside any template) like this:

    <?php echo $this->render ('header', $data); ?>

    The trouble with it though was that there was no way to call a secondary file within a theme's folder, e.g., layouts/mytheme/header.html. That would always resolve to apps/myapp/views/header.html which is usually but not always what you would want.

    So I just added a new {% inc %} block that expands to the above, but also modified the way it resolves paths so that you can now use it like this:

    {% inc mytheme/header %}

    I just checked the above change into the master branch on Github, and may back-port it to the 1.1.x releases too so it makes it into Elefant 1.2 (which should be out really soon now).

    Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • Thank you very much for the quick update.:) I'm going to try that the coming days and will test this with an Artisteer template as well. If this works fine with the Artisteer template export I will make it available to the community with explanation how to use. I have already ported this template with succes to ElefantCMS. Great CMS by the way. Much easier in use then most others. Reems

  • Thanks, glad you like :) Artisteer looks interesting, more resources for designers and/or building themes would be of great benefit to other users. Cheers!

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