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Live blogging or streaming app

edited May 2013 in Apps

I've been keep track of the progress of ElefantCMS since it started and it seems that things are moving nicely. Looking thru the list of app ideas for version 2, here's one that I think will make this platform stand out from the rest: A live blogging or streaming app.

Assuming you have an entertainment site and you want to provide coverage for a live event, like a concert or a sports meet or similar event. You could be posting static blog posts or article once a day describing what happened or you could give your readers a running commentary as events are unfolding.

The engagement value would be huge. Sites like CNN, Reuters, and others use live blogging to cover major events, but they all use commercial services that a small publisher cannot afford.

An app like that for this CMS will make a huge difference.

What do you guys think? Anybody willing to take a stab at this idea?


  • I think this would make a really cool app, but I doubt I'd personally have time to try it out for a while myself. Could be an interesting use of Ratchet tied into Elefant, as one possibility.

  • Yeah, it will be really cool. And with Ratchet, most of the heavy lifting has been done. I was thinking about using for a site, but after looking at commercial offerings like CoverItLive, ScribbleLive, Liveblog Pro and Blyve and the big name websites that use it, I thought a component like that on Elefant would be nice.

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