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elefant CMS translation interface rocks !!

edited May 2013 in I18n

Need to be said, translating elefant is a real pleasure !

I've been there, i've done it very often, translating software is more often a pain than a pleasure...

+1 for the auto-saving

+1 for the "show empty fields"

+1 for the "contain text..."

+2 for the clic to see some context

I suppose it can be better (thinking of ltr languages, or masculine/feminine, singular/plural, etc.) but for now, elefant have the best interface i've used for the task !

thanks you mister broadway !!


  • Thanks, I'm glad it's working well. Most of those features came from requests from translators, so like much of Elefant it's been quite a collaboration :)

    rtl language support is something I'm looking forward to adding, and any other ideas/improvements are always welcome too!

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