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Ajax check for unique user name, listing title, etc.

edited April 2013 in Apps

It would be nice if the Form->submit() method could return the reason for failure so we didn't have to say things like "You must enter a valid email, or your email may already be registered."

I was thinking, though, that it might be even better to query the database as soon as they enter a value in a field that's supposed to be unique. What would be the best way to approach that?


  • I just added a $form->invalid with more detail on which validation rule caused the failure, which will likely eventually replace $form->failed, but since it's not integrated with the client-side yet it's not much use I'm afraid.

    You can see at the bottom of js/jquery.verify_values.js which rules aren't supported client-side yet, but I think I'll try to add those via AJAX calls to the server at some point too.

  • Can we use $form->invalid in handlers now? That would be a good start.

  • You could, but you would have to disable the client-side validation by setting $form->js_validation = false in order for it to be seen, since the client-side validation doesn't use it at all and would mostly prevent the form from submitting and receiving the $form->invalid list.

  • The scenario I'm thinking of is the user name is valid but not unique. In that case, it would pass client-side validation but not server-side, and then I could display a helpful message. Wouldn't it be OK to leave client-side validation on in that case?

  • I think you're right. Let me know how it works out.

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