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[Off topic] Just posted my first single for my new music project

edited April 2013 in Miscellaneous

I just put the finishing touches on the first single for my new music project (Aband*nthecar) and thought I'd share it with you guys:


  • Cool -- a song about John Titor!

  • I'm nerdy like that :P

  • Me, too. ;) Is 'Hidden Hand' next?

  • Haha I don't think I've tackled conspiracy theories in a song before!

    I did write a tune about the Colton Harris-Moore story a few years back. I like strange stories for song material :)

  • Congrats!

  • Beautiful site (I love the style) and good songs. Thank you.

  • edited May 2013

    Thumbs up! Great music dude

  • Good stuff, I just started following you on SoundCloud. Is there some Auto-Tune on the vocals? Hardware or software synths?

  • Thanks! There is some exaggerated autotune on the vocals, mainly in the chorus. I was going for a slightly robotic tone there. There are some software-based sounds in the background, but the main sounds come from a MicroKorg and a Little Phatty.

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