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Navigation section that's not in navigation/top

edited April 2013 in Framework

What's the best way to have two completely distinct menus? None of the pages in the second menu will be in the main menu, so my first thought, to call it as a section, doesn't seem to work (because it adds them to the main menu).


  • A section shouldn't show up in the navigation/top because they wouldn't be top-level pages, but it would show in the site map and navigation/contextual as well.

    If a section won't work, you could try the Menu Builder app.

  • I think I'm confused. How do I create a section? I thought I dragged them on top of an existing page in tools -> navigation and then the resulting dropdown was considered a section.

  • Sections (in navigation/section terms) are any page with sub-pages in the tree. It'll show all sub-pages of that page as a single level of the tree, similar to how navigation/top doesn't show sub-pages but only the top-level pages of the tree.

    The other navigation handlers like navigation/dropmenu show more, but those two only show a single level.

  • OK, is there a way to tell navigation/top to omit a certain page (so that I'm defining it as a section but only showing that section where I want it)?

  • You can only omit pages by not including them in the navigation tree. But if you're defining the section as {! navigation/section?id=about !} with the parent ID hard-coded, then technically it doesn't matter what parent page they're under. It would still show that section menu correctly throughout the site, so you could put it under any page you want.

  • That'll work. Might confuse the client a little, though.

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