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Speed of Elefant versus WordPress

edited April 2013 in Announcements

Just in case anyone wants to know. I have nearly completely converted a site to Elefant. The WP site is loaded on a Knownhost server which are fairly optimized compared to most managed solutions I've used. Elefant is running on a barebones Digital Ocean VPS running Apache with APC. No other modifications on either. I did a load comparison on and Elefant clocked in at around less than 200ms usually and the WP site clocked in around 1500 ms over the course of 5 tests.


  • I wonder what a baseline static html file would come in at from both servers? That way you could subtract the difference between hosts from the load times to get a slightly more accurate take on it.

  • I may. I'm overly impressed by the speed of Elefant especially on such an affordable option as Digital Ocean. Their DNS seems to work flawlessly as well. I registered my own DNS server and pointed a development URL to the site I'm working on. It was up and functional in about an hour.

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