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Mobile Admin

edited April 2013 in Miscellaneous

What is an easy way to make Elefant mobile friendly in the admin area?


  • This is something we're planning for Elefant 2.2. Here's the issue on Github for reference.

    Most of it should only require CSS changes, although it'll also take a bit of trickery around making tables responsive, and figuring out how to make the wysiwyg editor work the best it can too.

  • I'm not so much "personally" concerned with being able to fully manage a site in terms of tables, design, forms, etc. I am more so saying if a client wants to login and make a simple edit to a page or post a message or upload a photo. I was reading that redactor works pretty solid with mobile devices. So the only hangup from making it "mostly" work was the layout within elefant itself.

  • Redactor definitely works on iPhone, just a bit limited, but for simple edits it'll be fine. I think disabling certain options may make sense to ensure they don't cause issues, but that'll come up in testing.

  • I added the Navigation Menu to the List. Its drag n drop is not working on touchscreens yet :-(

  • Ah yes. I guess that would take binding to the touch events instead. A single-column UI may not make sense on an iPhone though, except to reorder pages.

    I'm thinking the designer app is another that won't work too well, or should maybe just show the editor and not the preview.

    Interesting challenge, scaling these down to phone-size :)

  • I've struggled with how to approach mobile for a long time and have come to the conclusion a unified drop down works best.

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