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Site Load Speed on Digital Ocean

edited April 2013 in Announcements

Just thought I'd let people know. I decided to try out the $5 Digital Ocean as well why not at that price. Anyways. I setup an Ubuntu 12.10 x32 droplet in a LAMP environment. I tried LEMP but I wasn't having much luck. Anyways I also installed mod_pagespeed as I have always wanted to try it out. I was getting loads between 150-225ms before mod_pagespeed and 75-115ms consistently after mod_pagespeed. I'm comparing against my live server that runs at Linode on Nginx and the load speeds are 1/3. The live server is also running WordPress so that maybe a bottleneck. However for a neck to neck test. I am also testing out the grid service at Media Temple. I have a vanilla Elefant install on the grid server and on my Digital Ocean droplet. The GS install clocks in around 250-300ms consistently and the DO is about again 75-115ms consistently. Anyways just thought I'd put that out there for people looking for speed on a good price.


  • By the way I'm using for speed comparisons.

  • Good to know! DO seems pretty decent, and wow on the mod_pagespeed boost!

    To speed it up even more, you could install the APC extension for PHP, and if you can use PHP 5.4, it uses about half the RAM as 5.3 does with Elefant.

  • I'm using 5.4 but I just installed APC. There is a slight boost. i really wanted to get Nginx going but I just wasn't having luck. My Linode with WP is running Nginx.

  • Have either of you used varnish?

  • I've worked on a site using Varnish, but I've never actually set it up myself.

  • Never setup varnish myself.

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