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edited April 2013 in Miscellaneous

Any thoughts on the recommended hosts listed on the downloads page for Elefant? Arvixe vs Dotblock? I realize one is pure shared hosting vs VPS but I didn't know if others had thoughts. Also has anyone here used Media Temple? I run right now between Linode, Knownhost and Rackspace but I'm looking to go a bit more hands free.


  • Arvixe is a traditional shared host, but are really cheap. Dotblock I actually haven't used too much, since their lowest price point is a bit high for me. I've used Rackspace and Dotcloud as well for work and they've both been good for us.

    I'm really interested in trying out Digital Ocean, maybe in combination with Chef or Puppet to set the system up. For the price point, they're hard to beat right now!

    If you're comfortable setting up a VPS, Chef or Puppet might be a bit more hands-off without going the fully managed or shared routes.

  • Honestly Media Temple interests me the most. Just because it seems very turn key. I don't host mail or try not to and Elefant seems like it is pretty low on the resources side. I'm assuming since it can be setup with SQLite that MySQL isn't even needed. I have read mixed things about Media Temple though.

  • I haven't used them for a few years, but I have had good experiences with MT in the past on a few sites. Nice control panel from what I remember too.

  • I'm testing out Dotblock right now. Seems fast enough but their support process leaves a lot to be desired. The only thing holding me back on the MT Grid Service is the 100 domain limitation issue. I understand why so people can't abuse the services too much.

  • I guess they're thinking that's about $0.20/domain, but a site often has several domains associated with it. 100 sites would definitely be better.

  • From what they told me on the phone that doesn't include redirects. I guess it is a good deal though.

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