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Navigation Issues

edited April 2013 in Framework

I installed Elefant onto a cpanel server. Everything seems to be working fine except navigation. I have tested with a few different themes. I can't get pages to show up in the navigation. Any thoughts?


  • Can you look at the file conf/navigation.json and paste what's in it on here, and also the filesystem permissions on the file? Permissions are usually the first thing I verify for things like this. Also, what version of PHP is the server running?

  • It looks like your navigation should be showing Home | For Sale | Blog | Contact. Which version of Elefant are you running btw? If it's the new beta (1.3.3 or 1.3.4) or cloned from Github, then that looks like it should work...

    If you open apps/navigation/handlers/top.php and change this line:

    $n = Link::nav ();

    To this:

    $n = Link::nav ();
    info ($n);

    What does it output in the browser?

  • I made the change as you requested but nothing happened. My install is the zip master from github.

  • Hmm, I wonder if clearing the cache would help. Try deleting all the .php files in cache/ and all the files in cache/datastore/ as well, and see if that helps. It may be the permissions on the cache and not the conf/navigation.json file.

  • Nope didn't work. I also set the permissions on the folder to 777 recursively.

  • I think I'd need a closer look to figure this one out. PM me the details if you want and I'll check it out.

  • Does pulling the zip down from Github from the master branch pull the latest build with recent code changes? I'm sorry to sound ignorant but my use of Github is very limited.

  • The master zip on Github should have the very latest changes at the time you grab it. Using Git directly (either on the command line or one of their desktop apps for Mac or Windows), you can pull new changes as well to keep up to date with the latest features as they're added.

  • Hey guys, did you solve the problem with the navigation?

  • Not sure actually...

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