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Customized Layouts

edited April 2013 in Framework

I use the WP for some real estate sites currently. Is it possible with elefant or do you have any live examples?


  • I'm working on one now and using it as the basis for a real estate app. Still in progress but getting close. I'll PM you the link.

  • Our biggest plugin is a custom one we developed on WP that caters to the automotive industry. It allows us to pull in CSV data. We will more than likely make it more robust where it can serve real estate purposes as well. Is it possible to move the UI elements in the admin area around? Mostly the navigation links in the Tools drop down. Can we possibly have a way to blank out some of those navigation elements or move them to a top level menu? That would make it somewhat possible to have a limited user range. An admin could just type in the direct link to an app if they know it.

  • Not sure about moving apps to a top level menu, but you can stop apps from showing up in the Tools drop down by commenting out the relevant section of apps/app/conf/config.php.

  • Here's a simple way of showing/hiding menu items (while full admin access control is still a 'to do'):

  • Well the moving to the top level is more of a preferential issue. Would that removal be global if setup the way jbroadway suggested setting up configs that don't change with app updates?

  • Thanks jbroadway. You literally posted as I was typing.

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