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Dynamic Objects

edited April 2013 in Framework

Is it possible to choose what dynamic objects are available as options to an admin?


  • One way would be to comment the relevant section out of apps/app/conf/embed.php.

    ie, if you don't want blog headlines, you could do this in apps/blog/conf/embed.php:

    ; [blog/headlines]
    ; label = "Blog: Headlines"
    ; icon = rss
    ; tag[label] = "Tag (optional)"
    ; tag[type] = select
    ; tag[require] = "apps/blog/lib/Functions.php"
    ; tag[callback] = "blog_get_tags"
    ; dates[label] = "Show dates"
    ; dates[type] = select
    ; dates[require] = "apps/blog/lib/Functions.php"
    ; dates[callback] = "blog_yes_no"
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