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edited April 2013 in Framework

It it possible to replace the initial loading screen that has the active editable blocks after logging in with a dashboard type of functionality? i mainly want to load RSS feeds from a blog of sorts and also load help tutorials and videos on a regular basis.


  • Looks like it was hard-coded to redirect to /, but I just pushed an update that makes this a setting in apps/admin/conf/config.php, since that ought to be configurable :)

    One tip: To avoid editing core source files (since that makes upgrading a pain later), you can override any app's config settings by duplicating its config file into the global conf folder like this:

    cp apps/admin/conf/config.php conf/app.admin.config.php

    Anything you change in the duplicate will override the defaults automatically. This is how the settings are saved in the Tools > Users > Settings and Tools > Blog Posts > Settings pages, and will provide a way for more apps to offer customizable settings over time too.

    So to change the login redirect, edit the copied file and change this line:

    login_redirect = "/"


  • Thanks for the great info. Is there a place I can donate to your project?

  • There is a pledgie button on the github page that we used recently to raise funds to buy an OEM license of the Redactor wysiwyg editor.

  • Cool. Just made a donation.

  • I must be doing something wrong. I copied the contents of the config.php from the apps conf folder to app.admin.config.php to the top level conf folder and embedded the following:

    ; <?php /* [Scripts] ; The place to load jQuery from, either 'local', 'google' which uses ; the Google CDN, or the URL of another location. jquery_source = local [Admin] handler = admin/versions name = Versions sitemap = "Webpage::sitemap" login_redirect = "" ; */ ?>

    I'm not getting any different result on the initial screen after login.

  • Ah sorry, I forgot to say you'll need to grab the update from our Github page, since that setting was just added. We'll probably put out another beta early next week as well, but here's the update you'll need to apply to get the login_redirect setting working now:

  • And thank you very much for the donation! :D

  • I tried out the link feature you added. Thanks for doing it but it killed the admin area all together. I am LOVING Elefant and while I know we can't all ask for what we want with this type of software all the time I do wish there was some additional options.

    For instance I really wish the wysiwyg type home page when logging could be disabled. I "personally" think it will be somewhat of a turn off for designers. A client may go and add a block here and there or change items they weren't intended to change. I can't count how many times a client misconfigured something and then gave me a call wanting it fixed. Anyways just a thought.

    A way to configure this via some sort of options panel would be ideal. Also perhaps just hide the options panel all together via a backdoor link. That would be one way around admin vs non-admin users as well when using this for a CMS. If there was a way to hide links from the toolbar for instance and just remember the path to the place to do an super-type admin edits mentally.

    Maybe part of the "hidden" options panel there could be a way to turn off/on certain features and hide certain links. Extending that further I can see the dynamic options while being great could become problematic when handing over the CMS to a client. Again just thoughts, thanks for putting this great software out.

  • I think when we add proper admin restrictions, which will now be included in Elefant 2.0, the Dynamic Objects button will definitely be something you can control access to.

    I can see the button itself being a show/hide option, as well as individual options within it, since some of them will have additional access control so you won't want to list them if the current user can't access them anyway.

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