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Elefant Noobie here, How to edit DEMO homepage slider

edited March 2013 in Announcements

We are looking at using this CMS/Template system for our SEO project and would like to be part of the community. I'm trying learn this but can't seem to find how to change the Slider Images anywhere in the framework?

Where do you do that?


  • The slideshow is a bit basic. It takes a folder path from the Tools > Files area and creates a slideshow from all the images in that folder. To update the slideshow, you just add/remove files from the folder. In the case of the homepage slideshow, those images are found under Tools > Files > homepage.

    To see how you can create the same slideshow on any page, create a new page on the demo site, and in the wysiwyg editor click on the Dynamic Objects button (the cog on the far right of the wysiwyg editor buttons), then choose "Images: Slideshow" and it'll give you a folder selection. When you click Embed then save the page, you'll see the slideshow appear in the page body where the embed tag was inserted.

    In the layout template, this is done with this tag:

    {! filemanager/slideshow?path=homepage !}

    In the page body, this is simply wrapped in a <span> tag so it can be styled to look a bit friendlier for the user :)

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