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Live updating search filters

edited March 2013 in Framework

A site like, with many, many filters to choose from that all update dynamically as soon as you make a selection -- is that all jquery driven? I would love to set up something similar for a client but I'd want to let the client specify which fields to expose. Is that too meta-ish for a CMS? Example page:


  • edited March 2013

    That would best be done via jQuery on the page itself calling to a REST API behind the scenes. Elefant does have a pretty easy way of building REST APIs though, through the Restful class:

    On the client, you would create an AJAX call like this:

    function update_table_from_filters () {
        // Build your params
        var params = {
            server_type: $('#server-type').val (),
            monthly_cost: [
                $('#monthly-cost-low').val (),
                $('#monthly-cost-high').val ()
            // etc.
        // Post to the server for an update
        $.post ('/myapp/api/find_results', params, function (res) {
            if (! res.success) {
                console.log ('Error: ' + res.error);
            // update the table with your results
            console.log (;

    The above would correspond to the following PHP:

    <?php // apps/myapp/handlers/api.php
    namespace myapp;
    class API extends \Restful {
        public function post_find_results () {
            // do search with $_POST data,
            // e.g., $_POST['server_type'], etc.
    $this->restful (new API);
  • Thanks! I'll try it.

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