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Can i create a Members area for my business colleagues?

edited December 2011 in Framework


I searched for this, but nothing jumped out at me...

Sorry if this seems stupid, i'm just getting my head around this at the moment.

I am unsure of how the Elefant database may work.

Do i need plugins for the following? Or is there already plugins for the following? Or do i install my own third party software for the following?

A members area that my business colleagues may enter? Business colleagues have their own active clientele list? In an instance such as this, is a separate database required for each colleague? Personal editable schedule calendars that colleagues may use? And a newsletter platform that then sends to colleagues own clientele db?



  • Let's break this down into different components:

    Members-only pages

    Elefant has support for members-only pages and features through the user app. Check the apps/user folder for info, and here are some helpful URLs:

    • /user - default user profile page, or login
    • /user/signup - user signup page
    • /user/login - user login page

    From here, what you provide to members is up to you create.

    Clientele list for members

    This would be something you can build using the Elefant framework.

    Editable schedule calendars

    Also something you would have to write. There's an events add-on here for making public-facing calendars. That would be a good basis to start something like this.

    Newsletter platform to send to your users' own clientele

    You may want to consider a 3rd party service like for sending emails. If you offer users the ability to send emails through your site, delivery rates and spam controls are going to be things you'll have to deal with, and these services can be a huge help in managing that.

    Hope that helps!

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