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Would elefant cms be the right choice for me?

edited January 2013 in Miscellaneous

I'm a noob webdesigner, looking for an cms. I have made a couple of very basic sites, using nothing but HTML, CSS and a little javascript. I have no knowledge of, nor experience with PHP. Given these conditions, is elefant cms the right choice for me? How much knowledge of coding did you have when you started out using elefant cms? If not, do you have a suggestion of what would be a suitable cms for me?


  • edited January 2013

    It may be a bit difficult to diagnose issues if they do crop up in your system, however Elefant CMS would be a good choice because:

    A) Extensive documentation

    B) Awesome community support. @jbroadway and crew are awesome at keeping you on the right track.

    You would have an awesome amount of flexibility in your designs, especially since the templating systems is one of if not the easiest to use of any CMS I have ever worked with. (And I have even written my own from scratch).

  • I like Elefant, and i think you can use it well without knowing php. Check out these guides to building layouts to find out if the elefant cms fits you:

    Besides that i've never experienced such great comunity support (thanks to @jbroadway and everybody else).

    It''s basicly a repetition of @shortj post, but to hear it from two different guys might increase the chance of you tryinig elefant cms :-)

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