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Install in a folder

edited December 2012 in Install Help

I tried the installation method in a sub folder, but this case is not exactly what I need, according to the documentation this subfolder is a folder "root" of a domain.

I need to install in a folder within the domain, would be: " / elefant", how is that possible?

Thank you.


  • The subfolder script should make it work in any subfolder, not for the root of a site. But you would install the whole thing into the subfolder, not just the proxy script. Let me know what it's doing and we'll go from there!

  • Hello @ jbroadway

    I'm doing as it has in the documentation, put the Elefant in a subfolder, then configure access to the database manually, the file vonfiguração, care for the SLQ phpmyadmin, but when I access the site is just a white screen.

    Sometimes I change something in htaccess then appears "page expired". I tried to install on localhost on WAMP on a apache server and other Nginx, but none worked, all show the same problem.

  • You shouldn't have to manually setup the database access. Copy all contents of elefant into the folder you created under document root. Set write permissions on the apps, cache, conf, css, files, lang, layout folders. Then point your browser to http://youripaddressordomain/subfoldercreated and install. Make sure you have your apache server pointing the virtual host to the subfolder and the serveralias to the subfolder as well. You shouldn't need to setup an htaccess file either. I have installed elefant on my apache servers in numerous folders and never did anything different than what I am saying.

  • I also made a couple small fixes that should help here. One was a transaction issue in the command line installer (see the latest master branch on github for this), and the other is in the subfolder.php file that deals with redirect headers. After that, I was able to install with the subfolder proxy as per the instructions on the site, using the command line installer for the database, and the site seems to be functioning properly.

  • Well, this time I did.

    1 - I created a sub-folder; 2 - I sent the files Elafant; 3 - gave the permissions on the folders; 3 - put inside the "subfolder.php" and subistitui the "htaccess"; 4 - I set up my database files in "conf / config.php" and removed the folder "install"; 5 - At PHPMyAdmin I imported the database, which is in "conf / install_mysql.sql."

    then it worked. But still need to solve some problems "redirect", which I think I created, but this time it worked.

    Thanks again for your patience and help.

  • That's good news! Glad it's working, and let me know if you need help with redirect issues :)

  • edited January 2013


    can u help me in getting started for this elefant cms this is my mail id, if possible send installation precedure to my mail id

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