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Changing "admin" url ... is it possible ?

edited November 2012 in Miscellaneous


I am new to elefantcms and I am evaluating it to use as framework to build a facebook web-app on. I had a quick look at the various sources (running the 1.3.2 beta), but I am unable to see anywhere to change the admin url.

As an example I would like to rename the /admin url to /cmsadmin




  • I'm pretty sure if you go into config.php and your controller files, you can rename the references that say admin/ to cmsadmin/ and then make sure you rename the apps/admin folder and all references to apps/cmsadmin

    That should do the trick.

  • Here are some steps to do it:

    1. Create a new app folder called cmsadmin and make a handlers and views folder inside of it.
    2. Copy apps/admin/handlers/index.php into apps/cmsadmin/hanlders and copy apps/admin/views/index.html into apps/cmsadmin/views.
    3. Edit the original apps/admin/handlers/index.php and change it to just this line:

      <?php echo $this->error (); ?>
    4. Edit apps/cmsadmin/handlers/index.php and change the line echo $tpl->render ('admin/index'); to echo $tpl->render ('cmsadmin/index');

    5. Edit apps/cmsadmin/views/index.html and change the form action to action="/cmsadmin".

    It should now show you a 404 error at /admin and show the usual admin login at /cmsadmin. Cheers!

  • edited November 2012

    Well excuse me for trying. Lol That would make more sense so an upgrade won't mess it up.

  • Thanks Johnny!

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