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How to add user role, use ACL in elefantcms

edited October 2012 in Framework

hello all, I intended to create user role, beside guest and admin which new role can edit his/her user profile change image, chat with other member, etc exactly like this discussions apps?

maybe, tutorial or snippet of code can help me :D



  • Take a look at apps/user/conf/config.php. User roles are listed in the user_types setting in that file, and their access levels can be defined in the [Access] section of the same file. For example:

    user_types = "admin, member, client"

    And new access levels:

    client = type:client

    This just says that the access level "client" requires you to be a user of the type "client". There's more info on that in the comments in that file.

    Now you can use the new access level in your code like this:

    if (User::access ('client')) {
        // passes
    } else {
        // not allowed

    Hope that helps.

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