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Disable user signup

edited October 2012 in Framework

I added a section is config.php as so...

[Custom Handlers] user/signup = Off

Now...for the form entry page, I have it set to require_admin () and the job list page is set to require_login ()

The entry page Sign Up here link went away...the sign up link on the job list page still remains. Any idea why? I figured the config file should be the global for all pages created.


  • I'd have to look at how the two are loaded. From my copy here, it looks like the link that's still showing may not be wrapped in the right condition tag, but all the built-in links appear to be okay. Maybe post the view template for the link that's not disappearing properly.

  • Here is the view template

    Here is the handler

  • Hmm, so it's just using $this->require_login() and so it shouldn't be showing the sign up link as far as I can see. Can you paste the contents of apps/user/conf/config.php too? And you're on Elefant 1.3.2, correct?

  • The file is default. I am on 1.3.2. Here is the link to the code you asked to see.

  • It looks like you just need to change the line user/signup = user/signup to user/signup = Off (with a capital O). If you change that, can you point me to the page that's still showing the signup link?

  • Great way to think ahead when developing Elefant J! Sorry to have bugged you...I should have looked a little further. That took care of it. I think I am going to get rid of the forgot password link as well.

    Thanks again and I'll let you know soon about that other project.

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