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Elefant 1.2.1-Stable released

edited September 2012 in Announcements

I just posted a new 1.2.1-Stable update with the following fixes:

  • Fixed broken Lock tests
  • Fixed admin user edit not updating type
  • Fixes to dynamic objects dialog
  • Updated hard-coded references to User for proper inheritance
  • Improved language negotiation with Safari
  • Better error handling in Restful APIs
  • Redirects now use absolute URIs
  • Added View class to provide better encapsulation of view logic
  • Added __() as alias of I18n::get() and I18n::getf()
  • Fixed escaping on special characters in database passwords
  • Fixed OpenID truncation issue
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in admin/versions
  • Fixed missing run_includes() in blog/index
  • Fixed numerous other bugs

You can grab the latest release here:


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