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Current Beta Errors

edited September 2012 in Framework

I have been playing with the new beta and it appears that the navigation/api is broken and producing 500 errors.

Also, trying to save any page seems to also be producing 500 server errors and/or blank page. Still saves the data, but the redirects are broken.

Going to try to look into it, just discovered this throwing together a site for a client. That'll teach me for not using stable releases.


  • $memcache was recently renamed to just $cache (since it works with APC, Redis, and the filesystem too). It looks like a reference in apps/navigation/handlers/hook/edit.php was missed, and was getting triggered via $this->hook('admin/edit') just prior to the redirect.

    navigation/api also seems to be working for me in the latest master branch now too, at least in Firefox and Chrome. No luck replacing jsTree with another library for better cross-browser support though, although the commit history for jsTree is pretty active so hopefully they're sorting out those issues and we can just update on our end... :)

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