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PhoneGAP Elefant Authentication

edited September 2012 in Miscellaneous

jbroadway, just curious how you authenticated users, and then persisted that authentication to prevent needs for future logins from the same device.

Been waiting on those examples for your phonegap/backbone/elefant backend for a little while now. :)

More important, just the authentication handling.


  • We just used cookies, set to a month, figuring the expiry time will extend again as long as they use it within a month each time. Not perfect, but was good enough for now.

    You'll need to make sure the domain is included in Phonegap's ExternalHosts setting (in the Cordova.plist file), and that you've enabled cookies to be saved, like this:

    For our ExternalHosts, we also had to include quite a few other domains such as, *,,,,,, etc. That way it would load images from CloudFront or S3, the Facebook API, and Mixpanel.

  • Got it. Didn't know if you maybe worked into apples keychain, or used the local storage api.

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