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Timeline to next beta

edited July 2012 in Future

Wanted to post an update since I've been a bit quiet on here and there hasn't been a new release in a while. I was hoping to have more time this month to get the 1.3.2 beta release out, but life is a bit upside down and I'm out of town more often than not until mid-August.

Things should get back to normal by the end of August, and my plan is to get the 1.3.2 beta out as early in August as I can, then get working on some of the newer ideas we've been throwing around on here. A late-fall release of Elefant 2 would be wicked! :)

Cheers, Johnny


  • So would some documentation on your web app :-) Hope all is well bro.

  • I agree. On my way back from a week long exploration of NYC. Checked out a tech company (Evidon), learned how public transportation works and walked all over the place. Met with my co-founder in person for the first time in NYC, the startup should be launching on Friday.

    I go back to work and developing tomorrow! Have a couple crazy ideas to work on when I find time too. Can't wait. I missed you guys :D

  • Your co-founder of what? Glad you're back.

  • You'll see in a bit. :) by the end of this week.

    Worst part is, we just finished this idea and I already have a very ambitious idea after this one. I need more time!

  • Sounds good. I will be out of town working all this week and coming back on Sunday but will check out the forum as I can.

  • Quick update: Been etching away at a few commits here and there readying the next beta release. I'd like to solve a couple more things before putting that out though (cleaning up the CLI code which is horrendous atm, and solving the drag & drop issues under Tools > Navigation). Should have time in the next week or so for that, so first half of September we'll be back on track :)

    I've also posted a benchmark test comparing database abstraction layers here:

    And my day job are having me work on a new e-learning add-on for Elefant that's in its very early stages here:

    This will also tie in another little app I made for embedding comments (since it'll need private ones, so FB and Disqus are out):

    So it's been a bit quiet, but far from dead ;)

  • E-learning? Awesome! I'll take a look later for sure!

    I am trying to figure out if I want to build an iOS/Android notification center that can integrate with simple native apps to allow people to push to custom apps we write them via their admin login. Even better, allow them to edit the content of the app. (Apps I am thinking about using this for are written in phonegap, so could be populated via JS calls home to elefant install) But that seems very use by use case and obscure to only my day job. We shall see!

  • That definitely sounds awesome.

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