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Social App

edited July 2012 in Framework

Anyone have any clue as to how I can make my site become social where members can join and post up pictures and text? Been reading some things but really not quite sure how to go about it.


  • Well elefant has the nice built in registration and login via the user app.

    Doing the photo sharing is as simple as allowing users to upload images via a form and then displaying them. That's where it can vary in difficulty. (chronologically, geo-based, algorithmicly determined etc.)

    I can try to put together an example for you tomorrow if I have time. If you could give me a couple other details to work off of, I could try to cater it a bit closer to your needs.

  • Hey shortj...shoot me a message to Thanks.

  • What I am thinking is a user can sign up and gets an account created. They can have a profile and be able to upload images and a caption of text about it. Pretty much about it. Kind of like a picture posting blog deal or something.

  • Emailed. :)

  • Replied.

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