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Elefant 2.0.8

Elefant 2.0.8 has been released with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

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  • I18n filters now accept DateTime objects in addition to date strings
  • Added Form::generate_csrf_token() for custom use cases
  • Minimal grid supports every column size increment of 5%
  • Image::resize() defaults to auto-detecting the correct format
  • Access control on WYSIWYG editor plugins so the editor can still be used by non-admins
  • Updated Google OAuth2 login support and added Google auth credentials to user settings form
  • Added admin/util/select-buttons helper to convert select boxes to button groups
  • Let users set jquery_source = Off to disable jQuery completely on the front-end
  • Force jQuery source to be local if admin
  • Admin toolbar and admin area usability improvements
  • Added admin/modal template for admin pages in frames
  • Upgraded URLify to version 1.1.2-stable
  • Upgraded Analog to version 1.0.11-stable

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error marking file manager app upgraded
  • Fixed exception in admin toolbar template
  • Removed PHP 5.3 from travis-ci config, fixed PHPUnit issues on travis-ci
  • Fixed issue with dollar signs in some database passwords
  • Fixed warning on templates not always quoting array keys
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