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Image::resize .png image

edited September 2018 in Framework

If I don't add 'ext' for the $format variable when I call Image::resize(), the function tries to convert the .png to a .jpg and gets an '#exception-caught' error.


$resized_image = Image::resize ($tmp_file, 404, 539, 'contain', 'ext'); -- works fine. $resized_image = Image::resize ($tmp_file, 404, 539, 'contain'); -- returns image with '#exception-caught' if the image is a .png.


  • That method isn't for converting between formats, just for resizing the image. But the default value for $format was jpg which is what caused the issue with .png images.

    I just pushed a change to make the default ext which I think is a smarter default anyway and should continue to work the same for .jpg images anyway.

  • I wasn't trying to convert formats. Image::resize () was converting the .png images to .jpgs but saving them with .png extensions.

  • Ah, I see what you mean.

    I think the ext change should improve things, but I'll have to test other variations so it converts and saves under the right extension in all cases.

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