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Decreased permissions for wysiwyg editor for non-admins

I'd like members to be able to use the wysiwyg editor, but I'd to disable their ability to upload images or files or to use dynamic objects. However, I want admins to be able to do all those things.

To do that, I hacked admin/handlers/util/wysiwyg.php and added

if (User::$user->type == 'admin') {
    $data['plugins'] = array (
        'superscript', 'alignment', 'properties', 'links', 'imagebrowser', 'filebrowser', 'table', 'undo', 'dynamic', 'source'
} else {
    $data['plugins'] = array (
        'superscript', 'alignment', 'properties', 'links', 'table', 'undo', 'source'

I then changed line 16 of admin/views/util/wysiwyg.html to plugins: {{plugins|json_encode}},

Seem like the way to go?


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