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Error upgrading

On a fresh install of 2.0.6, I get the message "Files (click to upgrade)". When I do, I get this error:

Upgrading App: Files

Upgrade failed on version 1.3.1. Rolling back changes.

Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 table elefant_filemanager_bitly_link already exists


  • Ah yes, it looks like I forgot to update the database schema to mark that app as up-to-date, but since that update was already in the installed schema it ended up causing this error.

    I just pushed an update that I think will fix it, but I'll have to post a new release too in order to push the fix out.

    To fix it by hand before I can prepare a new release, you would have to update the version for the "filemanager" app in the elefant_apps database table to "1.3.1-beta".

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