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Admin Panel

edited June 2012 in Framework

I have given more and more thought to this idea... thought I'd bring it up.

I am debating scratching the admin bar (or supplementing) for most of my clients in favor of a responsive backend.

Something like this:



  • I'm off to bed now and travelling all day tomorrow, but wanted to chime in before then. I think some kind of admin dashboard could be really useful and I like the idea of items being configurable/pluggable into it by end users. I liked the suggestion of having it slide down from under the top navbar, but I'm totally open to ideas :)

  • edited June 2012

    Whilst I always like a clean design and think a responsive backend is a very, very good idea and a better looking admin facility is also very smart, I really don't think side bars work so well as you unusually want full screen width for content, or at least as wide as your browser window. This is especially important as your design will be fluid...

    I really like the Drupal admin way of handling this, very clear, very simple, all key stuff on first tab. I also like the two tier horizontal menu, which gives you the opportunity to gather these up into a button or two and a set of nested menus for your responsive design. Don't forget responsive is not just about smartphones, it has to be fluid and based on content... not screen sizes.

    I also kinda quite like the Forkiz Admin (watch the video) way of editing content...

    Think fingers and touch, the world is moving that way, so try and keep everything on show or in tabs, do as little 'expandable' or 'drop-downable' as possible and keep it big - descriptive iconic images are good (perhaps a webfont like FontAwesome ).

    Simple is almost always best, less is almost always more...

  • I really like the way the Forkiz admin bar expands/contracts with the arrows in the middle. I could see that being the basis of an admin dashboard that is available from any page by expanding down from under the existing admin bar. The browser could remember its open/close state between pages, and it could provide a nice horizontal list of icons/widgets for things like "Add Page", "Add Post" and other configurable features that you'd like to make "sticky" on a per-site basis.

    With something like this for charts, widgets could even provide dynamic content directly onto the the dashboard, allowing it to provide a high-level overview of the site too (with the Analytics app, for example).

    After that, perhaps a reorganization of the Tools menu into multiple columns would help make that easier to use too, possibly even with names, e.g., "Content", "Administration", "Other", etc.

  • I like that the idea.

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